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Labor Day Sale

Thanks to the Labor Day holiday, I get to keep the photo equipment I’m renting for the weekend for an extra day.  An extra day that is COMPLETELY OPEN.  If you’d like to book a shoot, I’d love to offer you some SWEET deals!

  • 30-minute mini-sessions for $50
  • 60-minute full sessions for $100

This is a rare opportunity to get some epic high-fashion images from yours truly!Ultra Violet for Singing Raven Photography


Barb Wire for Singing Raven Photography

Also, God willin’ and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be getting a roll of seamless for the studio, so I don’t have to spend my life photoshopping the walls anymore!  Even more high-fashion.


Trust me, if there was a time to book me, it would be today!

Marisa at Hyde Park

Lifestyle photography- Marisa

Early in the summer, I had the opportunity to photograph Marisa, a friend of mine, and one of the numerous, lovely stage assistants Vaudezilla refers to as “vixens”.  She was looking to get some more time in front of a camera, since those of us who are habitually onstage and in the public eye kind of need to get used to it, sooner or later.  I, of course, was thrilled to oblige.  Marisa at Hyde ParkWe bundled ourselves into the car (probably too early for anyone’s liking), and drove down to Hyde Park, because the lakefront is beautiful down there, and it’s quite literally built on the bones of old Chicago.  (Seriously.  The Lake Michigan breakwater is built out of the stone blocks of long-demolished Chicago buildings, like the original Chicago Board of Trade building.)

Marisa at Hyde Park

 This shoot was an especially good exercise for me, as I tend to work more with established performers/artists/models who don’t necessarily need my direction.  Growing up as a super-shy and awkward human being, sometimes giving direction doesn’t come the most natually to me, so I love having friends to practice on!

Marisa at Hyde Park

Marisa at Hyde Park

 Tell me those aren’t the best socks ever.  Constellations!

Marisa at Hyde Park

 The lakefront has plenty of strange outcroppings and weird architectural features to play on.  If you’d like to join me sometime for a photographic frolic (or maybe, you know, to commemorate an important life event like an engagement or couples session?), you can book me here!