Vaudezilla studios burlesque students

Vaudezilla Student promo

Recently, I returned to Vaudezilla’s studio to shoot a promo for their December student showcase.  (I say recently, but this was basically before Thanksgiving.  Winter is, far and away, the busiest time of year for me, with photoshoots, performances, and, this year, nightly rehearsals for a holiday play and a number of costume commissions on my docket!)  I had the chance to bust out my new lighting equipment, but I discovered a few things.

A) I was only sent one power cord!

B) The fine folks at Calumet had literally no idea what I was talking about when I asked them about compatible radio triggers for these lights.  I’ve inherited a pair of Calumet Genesis 400 strobes, but Calumet seemed to think I was talking about some kind of speedlight, so I wasn’t about to commit to buying an expensive piece of equipment that I couldn’t end up using.

The end result of this little adventure was that I ended up using Vaudezilla’s two modeling lights and the modeling light on one of my strobes (turned up to full power) to light this shoot.  Not the most convenient lighting setup (nor remotely enough light), but I’m doing my best to embrace the 70’s glamour style of this particular shoot, and telling myself that if Halston could sell thousand-dollar gowns with images like this, I can’t complain.

The goal for this shoot was to get several group shots that didn’t necessarily show faces (so they could be used regardless of which students were participating in which student showcase), which resulted in this glorious tower of butts above.  (Not shown, the fact that the gal with the top butt is standing on two chairs.  Whee, camera magic!)  But I also got to shoot individual promo shots for the gals involved, as a thank you for participating!

Pin-up perfection!

This should be a Christmas card!

Barb Wire, one of my favorite subjects.

This shot was the one that inspired me to call the entire set 70’s Glamour.  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this in an old ad campaign somewhere.

All in all, it was a challenging morning, but I’m still pretty happy with the results.  What do you think?

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