Vida Ambrose and Kitty La Royal

Beauty Parlor Chicago 3.16

This post requires a tiny bit of explanation.  I was *supposed* to partner with Beauty Parlor Chicago to shoot on Valentine’s Day.  And then I ended up deathly ill and didn’t get out of bed the week of Valentine’s Day.  So we rescheduled.  We ended up hosting “Gal-entine’s Day” in March instead!

Vida Ambrose


Vida Ambrose


Kitty La Royal


Kitty La Royal


Rosie Quartz


Rosie Quartz

Miss Vida Ambrose, Kitty la Royal, and Rosie Quartz came down to have their hair and makeup done by the Beauty Parlor, and then get a mini pin up photoshoot from yours truly.  Revisiting these images, I have mixed feelings about them.  Some of them aren’t up to my standards now, but this was also one of the earliest shoots that I used more extensive photoshop editing techniques for.

Beauty Parlor Chicago holds events of this nature periodically through the year, where you can get pampered with hair and makeup styling, and also have a fun photoshoot!  Contact Beauty Parlor Chicago for booking.


Trixie Sparx in Strawberry headdress

Chicago product photoshoot

Next up in my series of “catching the heck up”, I shot a series of product photos for Annie’s Red Hots. You will probably recognize the model as Vaudezilla’s Trixie Sparx.  Yes, we do all do everything together.

Trixie Sparx in Vaudezilla Tee


Trixie Sparx in fringe panty set


Trixie Sparx in cancan skirt

As you can see, these are my unedited shots.  You can see the edits (and buy cute burlesque costume items) at Annie’s Red Hots


Mz. Mister Junior

Vaudezilla Burlesque 1.23

Can you believe it’s been almost a year since I updated my portfolio?

I’ve still been shooting, of course, but I haven’t had internet access in my house since February, so I got quite lax in updating my blogs.  The last shoot I documented was a party at the I/O Godfrey Hotel, so I’ll be hanging out trying to catch you up on what I did in 2016.

Hot Lunch and Red Hot Annie

Hard to believe, but this was our improv show last JANUARY.  Vaudezilla is on break for the holidays, but will be coming back to Stage773 in a month with this very same theme.

Zara Estelle

Shirley Blazen

Trixie Sparx

Vallery Dolls

Andrea Varela

So many things have changed with the troupe since I shot these images.  And so many performers have grown and developed.  And I’ve grown and developed as a photographer right along side them.  But I’m sure we’ll see all of that as we move through the next several posts.