Better Boobie Bureau Burlesque County Fair

Ok, ok.  I’ve given y’all some content, so you all know I can photograph.  But we ALL know posts sound way more fresh and interesting when we’re writing about the things we just finished and are still super excited about.  So I’m going to tell you all about my latest shoot.

BBB County Fair. Yes, this is a group act as tomatoes.

On August 14th, I was en invited to make my first trip to Uptown Underground to wholesale jerseys photograph the Better Boobie Bureau’s Burlesque County Fair.  First of Ms. all, this show was FAR more hilarious than it had any right to be.  Secondly, it ended with broasted chicken, which is pretty much the best thing ever.  So it was a win wholesale jerseys any way you slice it.

The night featured performances from some of my favorite members of the Chicago burlesque (and vaudeville!) community, including Boobs Radley, Lady Ali cheap jerseys Mode, Phaedra Black, and, of course, Plucky Rosenthal.

Plucky Rosenthal. The Jewish star of stage and... stage.

Lady Ali Mode. How adorable is Lady Ali Mode’s cherry hat?

Closing the show was none other than my friend Marci Vousplait.  Marci and wholesale nba jerseys I took several of our first burlesque classes together (although she debuted création several months new before I did.)  I’ll admit, the last time I saw this particular act was years ago when she was still workshopping it, and to see the finished product blew me away.

Marci Vousplait

Though I periodically shoot for Vaudezilla when I’m not performing, the Better Boobie Bureau’s Burlesque County Fair is only the second non-Vaudezilla show Modelle I’ve shot in the last few years.  I love getting the chance to head out into the community at large, and I get to catch up with some performers I haven’t gotten to Tea see in a while.  If you’ve got a show (burlesque, theatre, dance, whatever!) that needs archival photography, you can contact me about Kung booking availability and rates here!

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