I/O Godfrey rooftop lounge party

I don’t get a lot of opportunities to shoot events (with the exception of Vayda Rhynstone’s swank Burlesque Tea Party), because I’m usually performing on Friday and Saturday nights, so when Candace from Oomphotography contacted me with a job she was unavailable for on a rare Saturday off, I jumped at the chance to get another fancy party under my belt.  This one definitely didn’t disappoint.


Glass of wine on napkin

Due to the high-profile nature of my client and some of his guests, I’ve been asked not to publicly share images containing clear views of faces, which will go a long way to explaining why I seemed to have a preoccupation with drinks and mirror selfies that night.  The only clear face you’ll see (aside from mine… sort of) is of a member of the waitstaff.



Fortunately, everything about the I/O Godfrey rooftop lounge is insane and gorgeous.  Even the food:


Plate of mini crab cakes



plate of chicken satay and peanut sauce


Event guest selecting crab cake from server's tray


ferns at the window of I/O Godfrey rooftop lounge


Voss water bottle and pink cocktail

Voss water bottle with napkin


Menu page from I/O Godfrey rooftop lounge

 I really was kind of preoccupied by the lighting fixtures.  They were all so shiny and made for a lovely photographic challenge!

weird disco lighting at I/O Godfrey rooftop lounge


Floral light fixture at I/O Godfrey rooftop lounge


Red glass light fixtures at I/O Godfrey rooftop lounge

 Oh.  And, of course, my stable of mirror selfies.  If I can’t show pictures of other people, you can at least have a few of my pretty mug.

Mirror selfie of the photographer


Fancy mirror selfie of photographer

All that aside, there were some small challenges shooting this event.  I (correctly) predicted that the space would be very dark, and came prepared with a diffused flash.  What I did not predict was the fact that the space was lit completely with a landscape of colored lighting which would have been completely obliterated in photos had I used my handy diffused flash.  I responded by pretending this particular event was much like any theatrical production I’ve photographed, cranked up my ISO, threw open my aperture as wide as it would go, resigned myself to a little more graininess than I had wanted, and went to town.  I’d say they turned out pretty alright, don’t you?

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