Vida Ambrose and Kitty La Royal

Beauty Parlor Chicago 3.16

This post requires a tiny bit of explanation.  I was *supposed* to partner with Beauty Parlor Chicago to shoot on Valentine’s Day.  And then I ended up deathly ill and didn’t get out of bed the week of Valentine’s Day.  So we rescheduled.  We ended up hosting “Gal-entine’s Day” in March instead!

Vida Ambrose


Vida Ambrose


Kitty La Royal


Kitty La Royal


Rosie Quartz


Rosie Quartz

Miss Vida Ambrose, Kitty la Royal, and Rosie Quartz came down to have their hair and makeup done by the Beauty Parlor, and then get a mini pin up photoshoot from yours truly.  Revisiting these images, I have mixed feelings about them.  Some of them aren’t up to my standards now, but this was also one of the earliest shoots that I used more extensive photoshop editing techniques for.

Beauty Parlor Chicago holds events of this nature periodically through the year, where you can get pampered with hair and makeup styling, and also have a fun photoshoot!  Contact Beauty Parlor Chicago for booking.


Creepy skull makeup

Beauty Parlor Chicago 10/31

Right about now, you’re probably starting to get the impression that the only people I ever shoot with are glamorous showgirls.  And, well, for the most part, at this juncture, you wouldn’t be wrong.  The vast majority of folks I’ve been working with in the past year *have* been sparkly showpeople!  But I do occasionally get the opportunity to do some other neat things.

Case in point:  This is the second year I’ve gotten to shoot Halloween portfolio shots for The Beauty Parlor Chicago!

Halloween with Beauty Parlor ChicagoThe Halloween setup, at Vaudezilla’s studio space.


Creepy demonAwesome demon makeup, courtesy of Mr. Krist Neumann


Skeleton with fab hairAnother fab makeup job by Mr. Krist, Hair by Ashley of The Beauty Parlor


Creepy Bozo the ClownYet another makeup job by Mr. Krist!


Captain Jack SparrowCaptain Jack Sparrow makeup by Ashley of The Beauty Parlor Chicago


Raven Gemini as GenderBen…And this was *my* Halloween look.  I have a genderbent Benjamin Linus cosplay that was just low-maintenance enough for me to spend 10ish hours in.  Apropos of nothing, this is also how I test my lighting setups.  With awkward selfies.