Vaudezilla promo for MsMrJr

Vaudezilla promotional photos

Holy procrastination, batman!

I shot promotional photos for Chicago burlesque troupe Vaudezilla in September, but I’m just now getting around to putting them up here.  Every year we get new headshots, but this was the first year I’ve been comfortable shooting them myself.

Vaudezilla promo for Willy LaQueue


Vaudezilla promo for Mama Disco


Vaudezilla promo for Vanna Tease


Vaudezilla promo for Titty Perkins

One of the fun bonus images I was asked to shoot, in addition to headshots, was one of our gals popping out of the giant cake prop we sometimes take to gigs.  Titty Perkins was perfect for this task!


Vaudezilla promo for Raven Gemini

This one’s kind of a cheater image.  While it was definitely shot, art-directed, and edited by “Singing Raven Photography”, it was actually physically shot by my second shooter, i.e. my long-suffering boyfriend, Kenneth.  I don’t have the patience to set up self-portraits, but fortunately for me, Kenneth is a comfortable photographer, and happy to let me art-direct when it comes to images of myself.

We only covered about half the troupe in this particular shoot, and I expect to be back at it in November for a second session to finish up the rest of the troupe!


Tea Party Realness

Tea Party Realness

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Early this past spring, I to was asked cheap jerseys by a friend of mine to document a vintage-themed tea party downtown.  She’s a burlesque-performer and Vine floral/event designer.  I’m a burlesque-performer and photographer.  We met at BurlyCon last October, and cheap nba jerseys the event was a natural fit.

Tea Party Realness


We met for tea at The Allis, a beautiful, sunlit space in the West Loop.  The spread was luxurious, but, being spring in the cheap nfl jerseys city, the sun sets at about 4pm, vaters so we were fighting 200 the oncoming twilight.  Still, I think I was the able to capture some good shots.

Tea Party Realness


Shimmy LaRoux


Mollie DeMenthe

What do you think?

We e-Petition even got some posed shots in our vintage finest! (Though it was SUPER dark by then.  Oops!)Raven Gemini


Mollie DeMenthe


Shimmy LaRoux


Vayda Rhynstone


Raven Gemini, Vayda Rhynstone, Mollie DeMenthe, and Shimmy LaRoux