Taissa Lada hat shoot

Continuing the theme of being terribly behind on updating this blog… this week, we have a VERY overdue selection of images from a shoot for Taissa Lada Designs.

Titty Perkins in Taissa Lada hatThe model for this shoot is Vaudezilla’s Titty Perkins.  She is sponsored by Taissa Lada, and gets all kinds of beautiful new headpieces and cocktail hats for her modeling and performances, in exchange for images like these.


Titty Perkins in Taissa Lada cocktail hat.Fun fact: You may be wondering “what IS that background?”  It’s the back of the large mylar mirrors at Vaudezilla’s studio space.  Shortly before this shoot, the supports for my seamless backdrop broke, so we had to get a bit inventive with what we used as a background.  I wanted something that was somewhat unobtrusive, without resorting to using the studio’s own purple walls.  They look a little industrial, and I like that!


Titty Perkins in Taissa Lada cocktail hat.


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